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Weight Loss is an Inside Job: Journaling Can Help

Weight loss is an inside job. What do I mean by that? Well, no matter the food plan you choose, the exercise routine you follow, or the goals you set for yourself, none of them will work long-term unless you unlock one of most important keys to sustainable weight loss. That key is self-reflection. Journaling can help you find out why you’re unable to stay on your food plan. It can provide insight into why your exercise routine exhausts you instead of motivates you. It can be a place where you release emotions and examine negative patterns. It sparks creativity and can boost self-esteem. Journaling is powerful; use it to support your weight loss efforts.

Unlock the Secret to Weight Loss Success (hint: it’s you, not the diet)

The key to successful weight loss and fitness lies deep within you. Some call it motivation, your intentions, or your self-talk. It’s the sum of your feelings, behavior patterns, daily habits, and beliefs about yourself. Understanding these internal states can help you gain insight into your actions. Talking a daily dive into questions about how you feel, what obstacles you’re facing, and what you intend to do about it, will help you build healthy habits. In short, a dedicated practice of exploring your mindset and setting intentions for the day is an excellent partner to your food plan and exercise routine.

I journal daily because it keeps me grounded in my goals. Some days I write for no more than 5 minutes, other days I write for 30 minutes or more. It doesn’t matter how much you write, it’s important to start a practice of checking in with yourself.

I believe that it doesn’t make much difference which food plan or exercise routine you choose (provided it’s a medically-sound approach), because the underlying reason for your success is YOU. You can lose weight on any number of healthy food plans and exercise routines. What’s most important is how you feel while on those plans.

  • How does your food plan make you feel (physically and emotionally), and is it sustainable over time?
  • Does your exercise program change your mindset and sense of wellness? How?
  • What do you tell yourself about your progress? How’s your self-talk?
  • Do you have realistic expectations?

There’s this inside work that needs to get done to support your habits, and a daily writing practice can be an incredible tool for answering those questions.

Start a 30-Day Journaling Practice

My latest guided weight loss journal will take you on a 30-day journey of inner exploration. Use the journal alongside any food and exercise plan to help you process your feelings and emotions in positive ways that support your new healthy habits. The journal contains daily weight loss journal prompts that are designed to help you stay motivated as you examine your emotions, uncover beliefs and challenge old ways of negative thinking. It’s a companion guide that will help you stay committed to your new health and fitness goals.

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Journaling Builds Self-Esteem

No matter your weight, shape, or size, I hope you love yourself through every stage of your life. Your body’s size does not define your self-worth. You can want to lose weight for your health and well-being without body shaming.

You are beautiful at any weight, and this journal reinforces those thoughts by providing tips, strategies and motivating ideas that I hope heighten your self-esteem.

In this book, you’ll find health and fitness tips and strategies based on credible research, motivational tools, daily journal prompts, and inspirational quotes. If you’re starting a new health and fitness program, you’ve taken a bold step toward bettering your health and wellness. My companion journal will be a source of support with positive messages that help you build new routines in compassionate and self-loving ways. I’ll show you how to use writing and self-reflection to be good to yourself.

My Hopes for You

• I hope you have fun discovering your internal path to a healthier weight.

• I hope you learn to accept your body at any weight because all bodies are amazing and beautiful.

• I hope you learn that your actions stoke your motivation. Motivation doesn’t come from an outside force; it lives within you, and you are strong and capable.

• I hope that through a 30-day journaling practice you increase your self-confidence and pride in your efforts (no matter the outcome on the scale).

Grab a copy of Weight Loss is an Inside Job and get journaling for wellness on repeat!

In 30 days, you will know yourself better; you will understand your health goals and how to move toward them; you will work through challenges. Your effort will empower you.

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