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Green Exercise: 20 Fitness & Mood-Boosting Benefits

For a city girl, I have a surprisingly strong connection to nature. As a native New Yorker who has lived ...
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Stop Negative Self-Talk to Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals (Top 5 Cheers to Good Health)

Have you been struggling to stick to your health and fitness goals? Maybe you have a few “good” days where ...
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Transition to Fall: 15 Health & Fitness Journal Prompts for a New Season

September can be a slippery month for me. I have trouble transitioning from summer vacation back to school (and work) ...
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Health & Fitness News Roundup: Readings on BrainPower Foods, Cardio and Mindfulness

Every week my inbox is flooded with health articles, new weight loss tips and strategies, and recent research findings on ...
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On Mothering: Acts of Comfort & Kindness (plus 5 Journal Prompts)

The older I get, the more I embrace imperfection. I leave behind the ideals of perfectionism and take comfort in ...
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What Replaces Compulsive Overeating? Observations After Weight Loss

I’m about to get real. I have a long history of compulsive overeating. I wasn’t just overweight, and then obese ...
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Wellness Thru Words: Health and Fitness Journal Prompts

Knowing who we are and what we think can sometimes get lost in our day-to-day life. We struggle to find ...
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Write “It” Out: The Benefits of journaling for Weight Loss

Are you an incredible calligrapher who can create beautiful bullet journal spreads? Do you like to write and write in ...
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The Menopause Tribe: sisterhood turns surviving into thriving

Ask a woman between 45-60 years old what’s most on her mind regarding her health, and she’ll likely reply: menopause ...
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Jump Back into Your Life: Build Your Own Health Story

How many hours do you devote to watching Netflix shows and cruising social media? These days, our screen time is ...
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The Power of Self-Praise: A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to my body

After five decades of calling my body home, you'd think I'd be more in love with it. You'd think I'd ...
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Better Sleep: Positive Bedtime Self-Talk During Troubled Times

I want to be optimistic. Really, I do. But, after some of the longest (and saddest) days in my life, ...
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5 Motivational Health Quotes: How to Turn Essential Truths Into Action Plans

Do you see a ton of memes, cartoons and motivational quotes while scrolling through your IG or FB feed? Some ...
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A Women’s Health & Fitness Habits Toolkit: Action Plans for an Imperfect Process

Are you ready to take action on your health & fitness goals (and fail at it sometimes)? That may seem ...
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O Christmas Tree 2020: Refuge, Renewal and Joyful Memories

Christmas is a time when tradition trumps innovation. We decorate the house and adorn our Christmas trees, fully anticipating that ...
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sad woman sitting on bed

Sitting with Sadness (Saying Goodbye to Food as a Friend after weight loss)

My struggle with obesity started when I was very young. The child of a single mother who worked long hours ...
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HodgeonRepeat - Jill Hodge Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Women Can Lose Weight During Menopause (I Did It and So Can You)

The Poster Child for Childhood Obesity I’ve been overweight my whole life. My earliest childhood memories revolved around food—chocolate cake ...
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woman waking up refreshed from sleep

Sleep: A Healthy Habit for Weight Loss

If you’re going to lose weight for good (and keep it off), there are some essential long-term habits that I ...
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2020 Self-Care Pledge: Sustaining Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

My Self-Care Pledge 2020 will go down in history as one of the roughest, rottenest years in our lifetime. In ...
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sustain your health & fitness with a “Me” Time Reset

I'm not fond of the phrase “me" time. Not because it’s not good to take time for yourself—I think it’s ...
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The Action Principle: Motivation for Weight Loss and Fitness

Does this Sound Like You? I’m waiting for Monday to start my new weight loss plan; I’ll enjoy myself over ...
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Are You Ready for Health & Fitness?

You know I’m all about taking action to spark changes in eating and fitness, but action needs to be paired ...
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