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What do you do when you lose your willpower and motivation to stick to your health and fitness goals?

I used to blame myself, throw in the towel and get more off track. Before I successfully lost more than 60 pounds (by building several key healthy habits), I spent decades trying to find a way to stick to my health plans.

But, I learned something from all those failed attempts. Instead of striving for perfection, I found I was more successful if I embraced my imperfection. Sounds odd, but once I gave myself permission to get off track at times, I also felt more willing to get back on track (without judgments). Ultimately, sticking to my healthy eating and exercise plan got easier.

Instead of white-knuckling it (and failing), I developed a series of small (but powerful) healthy habits. Things like using an indoor rower three times per week, and eating more salads during the week. Most importantly, I took action consistently and let myself off the hook when I wasn’t perfect. Who’s perfect anyway?

I’m sharing what I learned about habits with you in a new toolkit; Topics include:

  • What are habits and how do they work?
  • Examples of how to build new habits (to replace old habits that aren’t working in your life)
  • Three action plans that target habits related to healthy eating, exercise and mind/body
  • An action template that you can use to create other action plans to support new habits
  • A 10-week habits tracker

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