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HodgeonRepeat - 40+ woman exercising on floor with dumbbells - how-to cheat sheet

Cross-Training for Women Over 40: How-To Cheat Sheet

Cross-training—using a variety of workout types to work different body parts, learn novel movement patterns, and exercise pain- and injury-free—is ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - health and fitness roundup - feature image - newspapers next to title

Health & Fitness News Roundup: Readings on BrainPower Foods, Cardio and Mindfulness

Every week my inbox is flooded with health articles, new weight loss tips and strategies, and recent research findings on ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - African American woman looking down

The Stress-Relieving Life-Affirming Power of Exercise

10 Reasons Why Exercise is the Answer to Almost Everything With each day’s exercise—whether it’s rhythmic indoor rowing sessions, long ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - woman writing in journal to return to exercise

Return to Exercise: 10 Fitness Journal Prompts

Have you been away from exercise for a while? Perhaps you stopped working out because you got too busy at ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - Black woman in indoor rowing class

10 Benefits of Indoor Rowing for Women Over 40

Starting at around age 40, many women begin to question whether their current exercise routine will go the distance when ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - close up woman writing in orange journal - health and fitness journal prompts

Wellness Thru Words: Health and Fitness Journal Prompts

Knowing who we are and what we think can sometimes get lost in our day-to-day life. We struggle to find ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - assorted stack of journals

Write “It” Out: The Benefits of journaling for Weight Loss

Are you an incredible calligrapher who can create beautiful bullet journal spreads? Do you like to write and write in ...
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Why Are We So Wishy-Washy About Weight Loss?

Most of us are opinionated and somewhat set in our ways when it comes to our daily routine, our fundamental ...
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Workout Consistency: “Just Do It” Starts with the 10-Minute Rule

Exercise has become a part of who I am; it’s solidified as a healthy habit and woven into my daily ...
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Build Balance and Moderation into Your Health and Fitness Journey

Extremism is alive and well and living in the health & fitness world. It seems we are either eating “clean” ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - cross-training women over 40 - woman resting during workout

7 Powerful Benefits of Cross-Training for Women Over 40 (and Yes, Preventing Injury Tops the List)

Most women over 40 who are looking to get fit begin by committing to a single exercise or workout routine ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - two women friends over forty smiling

The Menopause Tribe: sisterhood turns surviving into thriving

Ask a woman between 45-60 years old what’s most on her mind regarding her health, and she’ll likely reply: menopause ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - overweight woman sitting on rowing machine

Pain-Free Indoor Rowing: Good Form for overweight beginners

I came to the fitness game late in life. It wasn't until my 50s that going to the gym became ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - obese woman next to boxing bag

How to Get Fit if You Weigh 200+ Pounds: 10 Tips to Make Exercise Doable

Exercise at 200+ Pounds is a Struggle (It's Also the Way Out of the Struggle) Getting fit when you weigh ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - exhilarated woman after workout

5 Motivational Health Quotes: How to Turn Essential Truths Into Action Plans

Do you see a ton of memes, cartoons and motivational quotes while scrolling through your IG or FB feed? Some ...
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A Women’s Health & Fitness Habits Toolkit: Action Plans for an Imperfect Process

Are you ready to take action on your health & fitness goals (and fail at it sometimes)? That may seem ...
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HodgeonRepeat - woman at weight rack

Calling all Women Over 40: Lift Weights Like a Badass!

One of the unfortunate side effects of being overweight for most of my life was the time I wasted pouring ...
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HodgeonRepeat - Jill Hodge Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Women Can Lose Weight During Menopause (I Did It and So Can You)

The Poster Child for Childhood Obesity I’ve been overweight my whole life. My earliest childhood memories revolved around food—chocolate cake ...
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woman using rowing machine

Rowing Machine Basics: How to Get Started (and Why You Should)

From the moment I first got on a rowing machine (or ERG -- short for “ergometer” a device that measures ...
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woman with yellow dumbbells

Strength Training: a Woman’s Secret Weapon to Vitality

One of the most noticeable changes in body composition for women over 50 is the emergence of a “lower pooch” ...
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Make Exercise a Life-Long Habit: Find a Base Cardio

Every healthy woman needs to fit cardio into her life, and while it's great to mix things up with several ...
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