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HodgeonRepeat - hold on to healthy habits - slippery steps caution sign next to beach

Hold on to Healthy Habits (During the Slippery Side of September)

Ahh, the promise of September—crisp apples, fresh Jersey tomatoes, fall foliage and long walks with a cool breeze, a snuggly ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - health and fitness roundup - feature image - newspapers next to title

Health & Fitness News Roundup: Readings on BrainPower Foods, Cardio and Mindfulness

Every week my inbox is flooded with health articles, new weight loss tips and strategies, and recent research findings on ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - whole foods meal planning on a budget - woman with bag of produce on kitchen counter

Yes, You Can Eat Fresh, Whole Foods on a Budget!

Are you working with a small budget for food these days? Think you can only find good deals on high ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - weight maintenance matters - featured image - smiling woman holding pots of grass

Weight Loss Maintenance Matters (But Not the Way You Think)

I’d dreamed of losing weight for so long and worked so hard and long to achieve it that I hadn’t ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - woman considering burger or vegetables - rebounding from a dietary slip

You Haven’t Blown It! Rebounding from a Dietary Slip

You've been here before—you're working to lose weight with whatever food plan you've chosen (for me, it's a whole-foods diet), ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - palate pleasers - fish tacos with papaya salsa

Healthy Eating 911: a Post-Pandemic Palate Revival

When you’re in the precarious first years of maintaining a significant weight loss like I am, staying committed to your ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - Jill Hodge holding dumbbell

What Replaces Compulsive Overeating? Observations After Weight Loss

I’m about to get real. I have a long history of compulsive overeating. I wasn’t just overweight, and then obese ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - close up woman writing in orange journal - health and fitness journal prompts

Wellness Thru Words: Health and Fitness Journal Prompts

Knowing who we are and what we think can sometimes get lost in our day-to-day life. We struggle to find ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - assorted stack of journals

Write “It” Out: The Benefits of journaling for Weight Loss

Are you an incredible calligrapher who can create beautiful bullet journal spreads? Do you like to write and write in ...
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Why Are We So Wishy-Washy About Weight Loss?

Most of us are opinionated and somewhat set in our ways when it comes to our daily routine, our fundamental ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - Stop Yo-yo dieting - picture of woman at different weights

Reframe Your Motivation for Weight Loss and Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

With 40% of Americans on a diet every year but success rates for weight maintenance for more than five years ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - Simply Very Nice Pantry Gift Box -- assorted spices and condiments

Say Goodbye to Sugar and Fat with Flavorful Spices & Condiments (No-Sugar Recipes Included)

The journey to sustainable, healthy eating habits isn't for the faint of heart. It’s a path of hard work, trial ...
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Build Balance and Moderation into Your Health and Fitness Journey

Extremism is alive and well and living in the health & fitness world. It seems we are either eating “clean” ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - two women friends over forty smiling

The Menopause Tribe: sisterhood turns surviving into thriving

Ask a woman between 45-60 years old what’s most on her mind regarding her health, and she’ll likely reply: menopause ...
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HodgeonRepeat blog - exhilarated woman after workout

5 Motivational Health Quotes: How to Turn Essential Truths Into Action Plans

Do you see a ton of memes, cartoons and motivational quotes while scrolling through your IG or FB feed? Some ...
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A Women’s Health & Fitness Habits Toolkit: Action Plans for an Imperfect Process

Are you ready to take action on your health & fitness goals (and fail at it sometimes)? That may seem ...
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scale with "what the fuck" sign

Say No to WTF Holiday Overeating (Start Healthy Habits Now)

Are you familiar with the WTF holiday eating slide? It’s where you eat with full-on abandon during the holiday months ...
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HodgeonRepeat - Jill Hodge Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Women Can Lose Weight During Menopause (I Did It and So Can You)

The Poster Child for Childhood Obesity I’ve been overweight my whole life. My earliest childhood memories revolved around food—chocolate cake ...
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one cup of fresh pineapple

How to Handle Hunger (or Hanger) on a Diet

I have a reputation in my family for being the person most likely to be hungry. I feel more hungry ...
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woman thinking about healthy eating

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Help You Take Action for Weight Loss

The Most Popular Weight Loss Question When people find out that I lost over 60 pounds, they usually have a ...
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HodgeonRepeat 3 Steps to Weight Loss Graphic

The First 3 Steps to Weight Loss

We spend a lot of time and mental energy thinking about the best way to lose weight. What food plan ...
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HodgeonRepeat Whole Foods

a whole foods diet: the key to long-term weight loss & health

You probably already know that losing weight is about calorie restriction. There is a simple fact that to lose weight, ...
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Green bananas growing on tree

Add fiber to your diet with resistant starch: Mashed Green Bananas recipe

Healthy and nutritious, inexpensive and delicious! You can't go wrong when you add green bananas to your meals. They are ...
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Calorie Deficit Wins for Weight Loss

My weight loss journey (from 240-178 pounds and counting) wasn’t a linear deal. I didn’t go on a healthy eating ...
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My Weight Loss Journey Began in my 50s!

I’ve always been overweight—heavy, large, “big boned”—whatever you want to call it. But I was also muscular and moved a ...
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