Are You Ready for Health & Fitness?

You know I’m all about taking action to spark changes in eating and fitness, but action needs to be paired with readiness.

Are you ready to get fit?

Is this the right time to put in the work to lose weight?

If so, you have a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

Readiness is the state of mind you have when you know deep down that you need to change to get something you want (and you’re willing to do the work to get it)!

For me, readiness came when I developed heart palpitations and began to question how I wanted to live as I approached middle age. The heart palpitations scared me to death and forced me to get ready to take daily action for better health. Here’s my weight loss story.

Get Ready to Act Yourself to Better Health

I wasn’t ready to lose the weight at age 20, or 30, or even 40. It wasn’t until 50 that I was truly ready to act myself into better health. And believe me, it was an active decision. I didn’t wish for it. I didn’t plan once a week for it. It was a 24/7 deal—I took a series of daily actions to improve my health (and my mantra of “HodgeonRepeat” means that I continue to take those daily actions).

I hope you don’t wait as long as I did to get ready. If you do, I can guarantee you will regret it. So, I’m here to make sure you have the tools (and mindset) needed to get ready sooner. I want you to start moving toward a better life—one filled with good health, more energy and a can-do attitude!

Accepting Our Changing Bodies

Your body really does change as you enter your 50s (and even before then). Some of these changes are hard to accept, but they signal a new phase in your development that you have to learn to embrace.

Positives—like a stronger sense of self and a desire to make the most of every day—can make your 50s incredibly powerful. But, there are physical changes that signal aging that you’ll probably have to deal with as well. These can be difficult to accept. Several of my least favorite: lax or sagging skin tone, diminished ability to build and retain muscle, and changes in body shape with deposits of fat around your waist and hips.

Read the Latest Research on Motivation (Free ebook)

HodgeonRepeat Weight Loss Motivation Ebook Cover

For these reasons, I hope you feel ready to take action for your health and fitness as soon as possible. Without readiness, you’re not likely to take the actions I write about here. To help you get started, download my free ebook on Weight Loss Motivation. It’s an in-depth look at the latest research on motivation and readiness for better health, In it, I provide tips and strategies to cultivate your motivation to stick to your weight loss and fitness goals. And it’s free!

Small Actions Can Spark Motivation

Remember too, that while you may not feel motivated and ready to take on new health goals right now, you can always start by taking a small action; take a short walk in the park or make yourself a beautiful, healthy salad for lunch. These small actions can change your perspective and help you get on track. When you are ready, all my support and tips for building healthy actions into your routine will be right here waiting for you.

Wishing you a state of readiness,


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