About Hodge (on Repeat)

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Lessons from my Personal Health & Fitness Journey

Hi. I’m Jill Hodge. HodgeonRepeat is my collection of strategies and motivational tips for women who want to achieve successful weight loss, fitness and better health.

For decades, I struggled to lose weight and feel comfortable in my own body. I researched all the tools (diet plans, fitness routines, motivation tips) needed to get fit, but even with access to the best advice, I struggled to put it to good use.

It wasn’t until my 50s that I figured out how to reach my weight loss and fitness goals (60+ pounds lost and counting). Here’s my weight loss story. I created HodgeonRepeat, so you won’t have to wait as long as I did.

Get Yourself on Repeat

HodgeonRepeat is about actively taking back your life by implementing a series of changes in diet, exercise and mindset. It’s a process that you do each and every day (that’s the repeat part).

What I won’t do here is offer you detailed weight loss diet plans; I’m not going to demo workout training sessions; I’m not going to sell you any weight loss teas, powders or supplements. Instead, I want to motivate you to ACT, because that is the missing ingredient when so many of us try to make long-term progress toward our health and fitness goals. We wait for motivation instead of acting into a motivated state.

I’m a writer and researcher who has worked in areas ranging from health policy to education. When I’m not working as a nonprofit business writer, you’ll find me here writing about what’s worked for me as I strive to maintain a fit lifestyle. I’ll translate a wide array of research in health and fitness into actionable steps that you can take. I’ll use sources you can trust like Harvard Health Publishing, Eat Right (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) and Verywell Fit. Most of us have all the information in the world at our fingertips—the latest and greatest new diet, the fitness gadgets, the workout apps, the meditation classes—but we still struggle to achieve sustainable health. I hope this blog will motivate you to find success in your journey to a healthy life.

I will share tons of accurate information and offer inspiration about healthy eating, getting fit and taking time for yourself. Then it’s up to you to take that knowledge and put it into practice by taking small steps to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday routine. You can’t store up health and fitness, so if you’re ready to take action each and every day, then this is the place to be. Welcome to the best years of your life!