Weekly Meal Planners

HodgeonRepeat Press 52-week meal planner book cover with words My Weekly Meal Planner and citrus fruit image

Do you wish you could be organized when it comes to planning your meals and getting the right groceries in the house (at the right time)?

Looking to save time and money by organizing your meal planning and preparation?

Do you hate wasting food, or feeling like you’ll never get to the leftovers in your freezer (even though you know the food is still good)?

Are you trying to stay on a particular diet or food plan, and wish you had a handy notebook to track your meals so you’re sure to make healthy choices?

Meal Planning Made Simple

One of the easiest ways to accomplish all these goals is by planning your weekly grocery shopping and meals. I’ve created two 52-week meal planner notebooks that will become your go-to organizer!

The benefits of writing and planning meals are undeniable. I’ve made it easy to get started. Choose from two different cover designs: citrus fruit or orange slices (or buy two and share one with a friend)!

Check them out on Amazon today!