New book launch: Weight Loss is an Inside Job: a 30-Day Guided Journal

cover of book entitled Weight Loss is an Inside Job

I’m excited to announce my latest book: Weight Loss is an Inside Job. It’s a 30-day guided journal packed with my most successful weight loss tips. Everything from how to create doable health and fitness goals, which budget-friendly whole foods won’t break the bank, and how to care for yourself during the challenges that come up when trying to lose weight.

Start a 30-Day Journaling Practice

My latest weight-loss guided journal, Weight Loss is an Inside Job, will take you on a 30-day journey of inner exploration. Use the journal alongside any food and exercise plan to help you process your feelings and emotions in positive ways that support your new healthy habits.

The journal contains daily weight loss journal prompts that are designed to help you stay motivated as you examine your emotions, uncover beliefs and challenge old ways of negative thinking. It’s a companion guide that will help you stay committed to your new health and fitness goals.

Try Journaling: 30 Days of Weight-loss Prompts!

The key to successful weight loss and fitness lies deep within you. Some call it motivation, your intentions, or your self-talk. It’s the sum of your feelings, behavior patterns, daily habits, and beliefs about yourself. It’s deep, and taking a daily dive into questions about how you feel, what obstacles you’re facing, and what you intend to do about it, will help you build healthy habits.

You can journal for as little as 5-15 minutes each day. Get started with my FREE sample pages. It doesn’t matter how much you write, it’s important to start a practice of checking in with yourself. Journaling can be paired with any food plan or exercise routine. Think of it as an ally that will help you explore your thoughts and feelings, as well as your habits and patterns.

Are you ready to take action for better health & fitness?

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Yes? Then, this is the place for you!

It took me years to get truly ready to lose weight and make exercise a consistent habit, but now that I’ve done it, watch out! I’m on a mission to help other women (no matter what your age) do the same.

Hi. I’m Jill Hodge. HodgeonRepeat is my collection of strategies and tips for women who are ready to put their health first. This website offers a ton of support to help you create new healthy habits, using fun tools like journals, habit trackers and action plans.

No matter what your wellness goals — weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, stress management — journaling can play a powerful role in setting your intentions (and holding you accountable).

I’ll guide you, using tools like journal prompts and action plans as you work toward maintaining a healthier lifestyle. You can use your own journals, or pick up one from my new collection (check out HodgeonRepeat Press available on Amazon).

Writing for wellness is easy, effective and readily available as a daily support toward building healthy habits.

Being Fit Never Gets Old!

I know the struggle is real … but it’s not impossible to improve your health (at any age)!

For decades, I struggled to lose weight and feel comfortable in my own body. I researched all the tools (diet plans, fitness routines, motivation tips) needed to get fit, but even with access to the best advice, I couldn’t put them to good use consistently. By my 50s, I’d rollercoaster dieted for decades, and tried every diet imaginable.

But, once my health was on the line, I got serious and figured out how to reach my weight loss and fitness goals (60+ pounds lost and counting). Here’s my weight loss story. I created HodgeonRepeat, so you won’t have to wait as long as I did.

HodgeonRepeat Press: Lined Journals, Health & fitness trackers & planners!!

Do You Like Journaling?

I’ve journaled since I was a young child, and could not have gotten through my teen years (or college) without it! I think every child who aspires to be a writer, knows what it’s like to have several notebooks, journals and planners lying about! My problem has always been that I had too many!

On the other hand: can you really have too many journals? Don’t think so! I love collecting colorful notebooks, gratitude journals and trackers in different styles and sizes. They’ve been vital to keeping track of new health habits. Writing about my weight loss journey helped me process the many challenges that came with losing more than 60 pounds. I now use trackers and notebooks to help maintain my weight loss and track my workouts.

When I created this blog, I knew that the time would come when I’d want to share new products and helpful tools with all of you. One day it hit me—what about writing a series of notebooks, journals, weekly planners and health & fitness trackers that can be used to maintain health and wellness goals, and promote new habits?

With the publication of my first lined journal, Hello, Beautiful, HodgeonRepeat Press was born. Here’s my first book.

Develop a Positive Mindset Through Daily Journaling

A positive mindset is something we all want, but how do we get it? It’s a process, and one trusted way to work through feelings, reflect on situations and gain new insights and perspectives is through writing. Hello, Beautiful is a lined notebook/journal waiting to be filled with your personal thoughts; it will become a positive space for you to engage in self-reflection and goal setting, while keeping track of your favorite inspirational quotes and daily affirmations.

This journal offers a place to write about:
  • · Daily thoughts, new ideas, goals and habits, inspirational quotes and daily affirmations
  • · 6×9 (120 pages) lined notebook/journal

Hello, Beautiful offers a daily reminder that you are special, and gives you a space to write your thoughts and feelings, affirming your strength, inner beauty and self-worth. Start your day with a more positive mindset.

Soon, writing in this journal will be an essential part of your routine. Order your journal today (and buy one for a friend). Let positive self-expression be your guide!

Let me know what you think! I’d love your feedback as I continue to publish new books.